Launch of the Analysis in Government Awards


We are launching the Analysis in Government Awards to celebrate our achievements and showcase the best examples of work to our colleagues across the Analysis Function.

All work completed between 1 October 2019 and 30 September 2020 can be nominated for an award. We welcome nominations for both coronavirus (COVID-19) and non-coronavirus (COVID-19)-related work. We will treat both equally in the judging process.

Award categories

There are five separate awards which will be presented to teams from across the Analysis Function:


This award recognises great working between teams, departments, other professions and/or external organisations or researchers to deliver a piece of analysis or analytical project.


This award recognises innovation in methods of analysis.


This award recognises clear and successful presentation and distribution of analysis using methods, such as:

  • commentary
  • visualisations
  • interactive materials
  • social media

This could include public facing communication as well as within teams and departments or across professions.


This award recognises analysis which has had a lot of impact through its use or influenced decision-making and/or has contributed to public debate.

Investment in people

This award recognises achievements in the development of our people and the building of an inclusive culture across the Analysis Function.

The nomination form has more information about the award categories.

How to nominate

Submit your nominations using the nomination form.
Entries will close on 15 November.

World-class analysis

The work of the Analysis Function, in bringing together all in the analytical profession, has long been essential to inform decision-making and monitor the delivery of the government’s priorities. Every day, our community delivers data, evidence, analysis, research and evaluation, which is vital to make critical decisions.

In 2020, our work has never been more important. We have put world-class, innovative analysis in the hands of decision-makers in order to answer government’s most important questions at pace.

Please contact [email protected] for any further information. Best of luck!


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