Libby Squire’s mother ‘feared for daughter’s life’ since troubled teenage years | UK | News (Reports)


But then her hopes were raised and Libby “was in the best place in her life” just before she fell into the clutches of Pawel Relowicz. Heartbroken Mrs Squire said her daughter had struggled with mental health and made suicide attempts before leaving home in High Wycombe for university. She said: “Libby was extremely close to all her family, particularly her brother Joe, who she had a very special bond with.

“She was planning her future and was in the best place in her life she had ever been. Libby was a girly girl and a real people person.

“She was always happy to see friends and family and would often greet people with a big hug.”

As a child Libby overcame an eating disorder but then suffered from depression and began to self-harm aged 14.

Mrs Squire said: “During this time our bond became even stronger. She was always honest about self-harming and would tell me when she had done it.

“I would help her clean herself up, dress her wounds and would always make sure she had clean blades and antiseptic wipes. 

“I always worried about Libby and feared one day I would find her dead. Because of these problems I never really thought I would have Libby for the rest of my life.”

Mrs Squire and husband Russ were sent a photo by Libby on the night of her disappearance and knew her daughter was going out.

She found out Libby had gone missing early the next day and knew immediately something “wasn’t right”.

She added: “It was not in her character to disappear.

“I tried numerous times to contact her – but she did not reply.”


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