Liberal Democrats brutally MOCKED for stating new leader will get them back to ‘winning’ | UK | News (Reports)


Sir Ed Davey has been announced as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats this afternoon. Prior to Sir Ed’s victory being confirmed the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats told Sky News that both Sir Ed Davey and Layla Moran would be excellent leaders of the party and backed them to get the party back to winning ways. 

Mr Rennie said: “Sir Ed has got the experience not just from being in the Cabinet but from being an economist as well and steering the energy department to invest in renewable energy.

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“He has also got a great background in caring through much family experience.

“Both of them would be excellent leaders and get us back to winning ways again.”

However, some viewers took to Twitter to discuss the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ claim. 

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One Twitter user said: “Lib Dems’ policies on federalism and constitutional reform would be a disaster.

“A labour government is bad enough, but imagine the nightmare of a lib lab unholy alliance, propped up by green extremists and separatists from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Too horrific.”

Another tweeted: “Would not let them near a clown car let alone the levers of power.”

A third wrote: “He’s delirious.”

“And so Ed Davey has been elected the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.”

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Sir Ed Davey said following his victory: “We have to wake up and smell the coffee. Nationally our party has lost touch with too many voters.

“Yes, we are powerful advocates locally. Our campaigners listen to local people, work hard for communities and deliver results.

“But at the national level, we have to face the facts of three disappointing general election results.”


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