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Scotland has countrywide measures like England and clamped down on hotspot regions.

Countrywide measures include:

  • No mixing between households in the home
  • A 10pm curfew on all hospitality settings
  • No groups larger than six from two different households
  • Two-week quarantine for anyone and their household in contact with a COVID-19 positive person
  • Essential visits to hospitals and care homes only

The following five central belt regions have entered stricter lockdown:

  • East Dunbartonshire
  • East Renfrewshire
  • Glasgow
  • Renfrewshire
  • West Dunbartonshire

The new rules for the five central belt areas include:

  • All licensed public venues to close indoors and outdoors except for takeaway
  • Cafes without an alcohol license can remain open until 6pm
  • Snooker, pool, bingo halls and casinos must all close from October 10
  • Contact sports will cease for two weeks from October 10 with exceptions for professional sports

For Scotland as a whole, Ms Sturgeon has prohibited cafes or restaurants serving alcohol from October 9 to 25.

Outdoor venues can continue to serve alcohol until a 10pm curfew.


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