London crisis: Sadiq Khan sparks fury with ‘war on statues’ – ‘We need a fresh start’ | UK | News (Reports)


Mr Bailey said if he becomes mayor, he will instead focus his efforts on “waging a war on criminals”. The news comes after London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been accused of planning to tear down historic statues in London that have controversial links to the historic slave trade. This led Conservative Housing minister Christopher Pincher to write to Mr Khan to say he is concerned the mayor is using £250,000 of taxpayers money on a new statues commission.

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Mr Pincher claims the new commission is made up of 15 mainly left-wing activists.

Mr Pincher said that this expenditure is being made at a time when Mr Khan is putting up Londoners’ council tax bills.

With the new commission, the Tory housing minister said that Mr Khan is seeking the destruction of British history and heritage.

The news saw Conservative Party mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey today tweet: “Sadiq Khan is waging war on statues.

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“As Mayor, I’ll wage war on criminals.

“London needs a fresh start.”

One follower of Mr Bailey said: “London is being lost to crime, disorder, and lawlessness.

“If you don’t manage to get Khan out then I genuinely fear for our capital.”

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Mr Pincher said: “Putting some of London’s most important pieces of history into the hands of 15 activists, the majority of whom are not historians is a regrettable decision.

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“On top of the enormous costs, some very troubling statements by your panelists, such as praising the “guerrilla-style” removal of statues, have been made public.

“These will not command public confidence or support.

“As London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has said, this commission will neither heal divisions nor promote inclusivity.”

The Mayor of London’s office has been contacted for a response to Mr Pincher and Mr Bailey’s claims but has yet to reply.


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