London lockdown warning: City could be plunged into Tier 3 TODAY as Covid surges | UK | News (Reports)


The London Mayor told Sky News that the decision will be made by the UK Government. He added that London leaders will not have an influence over whether the city is moved to England’s highest level of coronavirus restrictions. 

Mr Khan told Sky News: “My understanding is that Covid-O is meeting as we speak, that’s the sub-committee of the Cabinet that makes the recommendations.

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“We will have to wait and see what the Government decides, it’s a Government decision, not my decision or London leaders’ decision.”

“Whatever the Government decides we have got to make sure we follow the advice from the Government.

“If they change the rules we have got to make sure we follow but it is important the Government realise the consequences.”

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Sky News host Adam Boulton asked: “Do you think that could happen today?”

The London Mayor replied: “It is possible because we have seen over the last few days a big increase in the virus.

The point I have been trying to make to the Government over the last couple of days is that it is worth looking at where the virus is spreading faster and the areas where we have seen the biggest increase.

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“It is also worth asking themselves the question of whether the move to Tier 3 is a blunt instrument that does not really address in a laser-like fashion where we are seeing the biggest problems.”


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