Meghan Markle and Harry fans demand new Archewell podcast episode – ‘We’re still waiting’ | Royal | News (Reports)


One critic seethed: “We’re now into the second month of a year when @Spotify announced the ‘first complete series of podcasts from Archewell Audio and Spotify is expected’.

“So far in 2021, the Markles have not released a single one. Their $30million contract sounds pretty flexible, right?”

Another chimed in: “Sooo whatever happened to Archewell podcast LOL.”

While one claimed the podcast was destined for failure without a fixed schedule.

They put: “What podcast is going to be successful when there is no schedule.

“Surely at the start, you would strive to get them out on time and regularly.

“Even from the first one and their second one was completely irregular. Just coming soon. Maybe it’s annual??”


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