Meghan Markle and Harry ‘made things worse’ despite ‘wanting to make things better’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Earlier this year, the couple shocked the world after announcing they were stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family. The couple have since stablished a life in the US, signed a deal with Netflix and spoken out on the importance of voting at a number of events. They are also planning to launch their new foundation Archewell.

While their decision was intended to allow them to have a more private life, a royal expert has said they ended up making things worse.

Speaking about Meghan and Harry’s work as senior royals and their decision to step back, Ingrid Seward said: “Meghan’s whole thing was, ‘Look at me’, but I think she had a big heart and really want to make things better.

“She and Harry really did want to make things better together and all they’ve actually managed to do it make things worse.”

Ms Seward added Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip could “hardly believe” it when their grandson announced he was leaving for North America.

She told Page Six: “Harry is spontaneous, he’s fun and he’s a bit of a daredevil or he was and Philip, when he was young, was all these things too.

“So I think he saw a little bit of himself in Harry and the two of them were able to communicate very well.”

Following their departure from royal duties, speculation began emerging about a rift between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William.

Tensions between the Duke of Sussex and the rest of the Firm hit new heights this week as Harry’s request to have a wreath laid for Remembrance Sunday was refused.

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“If the royal family or the palace wanted to co-operate then it would seem to be a perfectly reasonable request to make that could have been fulfilled.

“I don’t think it augurs well for the prospects of a reconciliation.

“On the face of this, it would seem that Harry is keener on reconciliation or maintaining some sort of link than the palace is to granting one.”

It still remains unclear whether the monarch or any of her family were part of the decision to snub Harry’s request.

Mr Lacey added Harry is likely to keep his military titles despite stepping away from the Firm.

He continued: “From everything we know it’s clear Harry would like to keep his military titles and connections.

“This would seem to be a sign that’s not going to be possible.”

Meghan and Harry paid tribute to fallen soldiers by visiting a cemetery in Los Angeles but many criticised the couple claiming it was a publicity stunt.

Ms Seward told : “We need the old Harry back, but sadly I think the Harry of old, that brave, charming young man, who worked so hard to help his fellow servicemen before and after conflict, is lost forever.”


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