Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told ‘grow up’ and mend royal rift before ‘it’s too late’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Robert Jobson told US Weekly that someone within the Royal Family has to step up and mend the relationship. The royal commentator added that at some point people will “drop off their mortal-coils” and then it will be too late to resolve the issue. 

Mr Jobson said: “I don’t understand Meghan’s mindset.

“She has a rift with her father, now they have got a rift with the other side of the family.

“Someone somewhere has to mend this rift, someone has got to stop having feuds and rifts.

“It is not a drama, it is real life and at some stage, people will drop off their mortal-coils and those rifts won’t have been healed.

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“All I would say to anybody who has a rift is grow up.”

In January, Katie Nicholl told True Royalty TV that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will reconcile with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the “greater good” of the Royal Family.

The royal commentator stated that Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship had come under strain in 2020 but that tensions seemed to ease as the brothers exchanged presents over Christmas.

She warned that there is still a big distance between the Dukes and their wives Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex but they will come together for the “greater good” of the monarchy.

“That is how bad things were but then you fast forward a year and look at now, they spent the holiday season in touch and presents were exchanged.

“But there is an ocean between them, there is a big time difference and there is a distance between them still.”

Ms Nicholl continued: “Absolutely, there are still things to overcome.

“I think they all realise for the greater good and particularly after last year you do have to move on in life.”


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