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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s plan to turn their back on the mainstream media has backfired. Daily Mirror editor Alison Phillips told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that the couple would have been “better off with mainstream media”. This comes as the Sussexes have decided they are “very unlikely” to return to Twitter and Facebook platforms in a personal capacity.

They have also rejected plans to use social media for their new Archewell Foundation.

Ms Phillips said: “Trump has been banned from Twitter. It’s interesting that him, and Harry and Meghan today have said they are coming off Twitter.

“You have two sorts of people – the Trumps and the Sussexes – who both railed against the mainstream media, and are now finding that social media isn’t a very nice place for them.

“Maybe they were better off with the mainstream media anyway, though there is that sense they cannot control it in the same way.”

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Andrew Marr responded: “It is very interesting that Harry and Meghan feel they can conduct themselves as a global brand while ignoring these huge media platforms.”

The BBC’s Alex Forsyth told the programme’s paper review: “What is interesting about this story is that people have turned away from mainstream media because they didn’t feel it did them any favours and they have encountered social media being equally as unforgiving.

“It seems the shine of social media has come off for a lot of people.”

According to the Sunday Times, Harry and Meghan are rejecting platforms such as Twitter and Facebook after becoming disillusioned by the “hate” they have encountered online.

The Duchess has called herself “the most trolled person in the world” following her engagement to Harry.

Harry has similarly described the digital landscape as being “unwell”.

The couple have vowed to use their Archewell Foundation to “build a better world”.

Last month it was announced that the pair’s new production company Archewell Audio had agreed a partnership with Spotify in an estimated £30bn deal.

Harry and Meghan also signed a Netflix deal in the summer rumoured to be worth more than £100 million.


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