Meghan Markle crowned world’s ‘most popular UK royal’ ahead of Kate Middleton and Queen | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duchess of Sussex earned the top spot with a rating of 14.5 percent, according to a global survey by OnBuy. The Duchess of Cambridge obtained second place with a score of 14.4 percent.

Her Majesty ranked third in the worldwide survey, with a rating of 14.3, following Prince William’s wife very closely.

Meghan’s whirlwind year saw her announce she was stepping back as a senior royal at the beginning of the year.

Despite not conducting royal engagements from that point onward, Meghan increased her presence as a speaker over Zoom calls during the coronavirus pandemic.

By contrast, her husband, Prince Harry saw his popularity plummet after his decision to quit royal life.

However, he still beat Prince William as fourth most popular UK royal in the OnBuy survey.

The Duke of Sussex obtained a score of 14.2 percent.

The survey comes after criticism over Harry and Meghan’s alleged new awards list with their charity Archewell, according to a report by .

The news sparked backlash from some royal fans who accused Meghan and Harry of trying to compete with the Queen’s honour list.

“Prince Harry has exchanged simple principles of duty to Queen and country.

“I am sorry but they gave up their privileges and the monarchy and last time I checked, America does not have one so who do they think they are to dish out these privileges. What honour system are they relying on here?”

Mr Grimes then highlighted his concern that Prince Harry is starting to become lost.

He said: “They said they left their royal duties for a more private life, my God, they have a funny way of going about it don’t they.

“Prince Harry, I am afraid folks, could well be lost to us. More importantly I think he is starting to be lost to himself.”

Mr Grimes added: “It is clear to me that this is Meghan and Harry not wanting to be outdone.

“Now that they have said goodbye to their royal duties at home they have decided to issue out their own honour system.

“Who does this royal couple think they are?”


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