Meghan Markle faces ultimatum as Duchess ‘lifts lid’ on royal ‘secrets’- ‘Her only chance’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The first clips of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speaking to Oprah Winfrey have been released ahead of the full interview broadcasting on March 7. The Duke of Sussex speaks about his own mother, Diana, Princess of Wales’ departure from the Royal Family and shares his concern that “history was repeating itself”. Broadcast journalist and writer Afua Adom spoke to BBC News about what the Duchess of Sussex may open up about.

She told viewers: “We can definitely expect Meghan to lift the lid on what happened during those years when she was a working member of the Royal Family, how she felt through her first pregnancy, being vilified in the press.

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“I think also about that integration into the family, being engaged, realising that she didn’t have a voice, that she wouldn’t necessarily be able to pick what she wanted to do and who she wanted to support, and how she felt when they made the decision to get the heck out of there.

“I think we can really expect some explosive content, perhaps things that we didn’t expect. But this is Meghan’s only chance to really have a voice and say what happened. If she doesn’t, nothing will change.

“She is that type of person, she isn’t just going to sit back and let something happen to her and not talk about it. So I can really expect some secrets.”

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In CBS’ promotional clip, Harry can be seen talking about his fears that “history was repeating itself” with Meghan.

The Duke compared his wife’s treatment to that of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Ms Adom was asked if that comparison was a fair one to make.

She told BBC News: “It all starts somewhere doesn’t it? With Diana, it all started with this kind of media obsession with her, what she was doing, what she was not doing, the relationship with Prince Charles.”

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Ms Adom added: “For the British press, frankly they don’t like that. They don’t like that it’s someone they didn’t necessarily pick.

“So they have to get their head around someone new in the Royal Family, but

“They vilified her right from the start, she’s been written about horribly throughout her pregnancy, throughout her marriage to Prince Harry, the engagement, everything afterwards.

“With Princess Diana it wasn’t necessarily about race and class and her being American, but of course there was just that obsession with her relationship with Prince Charles.

“It was written about so much, and like I say, it all starts somewhere.”


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