Meghan Markle fury: Duchess and Harry ‘stiffened resolve of Queen’ amid Megixt row | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan this week took the unprecedented step of openly denouncing Buckingham Palace after she claimed she was forced to change her name on her son’s birth certificate. The former Hollywood star said the Palace had “dictated” the details on Archie’s certificate, and was “offended” by the suggestions that she wanted to become “nameless” on the document. Palace staff have since been reported as being in “tears of frustration”.

This was especially true after the pair had kept details of Archie’s birth a secret right up until the very last moment, breaking with royal birth tradition.

Privacy was the main reason for this, and one of the biggest drivers of their move to North America more than a year ago.

They announced their departure via an Instagram post – another diversion from royal protocol.

Now, their behaviour in the past 12 months has been touted as having “stiffened” resolve among the family and Palace, potentially marking the final nail in the coffin for their relationship with the UK.

According to the Daily Express’ royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, the Queen could be ready to take back Harry’s “cherished” military titles.

An insider claimed the final say over this will be in the hands of the monarch.

The military appointments are known to be one of Harry’s most close and proudest achievements.

He previously described his time in the army as one of the “best” periods of his life.

JUST INQueen ‘banished’ house staff during Prince Harry showdown

He said: “Harry and Meghan’s attitude and in particular their intervention in the US presidential election, a decision that conflicted with British foreign policy and embarrassed the Queen, has stiffened resolve at the Palace.

“In theory, there is nothing stopping the Queen allowing Harry to retain his cherished military appointments – Prince Michael of Kent holds seven despite running a business and never being a working royal officially.

“But Prince Michael is deemed to have been discreet and loyal.

“In spite of the Prince Michael comparison, the Sussexes have become such divisive figures it seems clear there would be a hostile public reaction if Harry were allowed to keep any of his military patronages. Likewise Prince Andrew.”

The issue of titles and whether or not Meghan and Harry should hold on to them was something explored in the documentary, ‘Harry & Meghan: The Next Step’ released shortly after “Megxit”.

Here, Graham Smith, the CEO of Republic, a group that opposes the monarchy, was angered by the couple’s desire for a private life yet eagerness to hold onto their royal titles.

The pair said they wanted to carve out new roles in the family, before revealing a website that would promote newfound identities titled, ‘’.

Mr Smith said: “If they want to live privately, then they have to renounce their titles, abandon all claims to public funding and go and do their own thing.

“Had they done that, I’d be standing here cheering them on, saying, ‘Well done’.

“But they have not done that, they still want to cling on to the purse strings of the British taxpayer and they still want to have that status that we have given them.”

Tensions were already high at the time given the amount of British taxpayer money that had been used to renovate Meghan and Harry’s Frogmore Cottage.

Around £2.4million ($3.3m) was used to redecorate and make the cottage liveable, only for the pair to leave the UK.

They have since paid the sum back in full.

According to their office, Frogmore remains their official UK residence.

The pair, however, have visited the UK just a handful of times since January 2020.

Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie, moved into the cottage with her husband, Jack Brooksbank, for a mere six weeks at the end of last year before returning to their Kensington Palace residence.


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