Meghan Markle makes secret feminist statement during joint video appearance with Harry | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan and Prince Harry joined the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner in a video call recorded to mark the International Day of the Girl. During their chat, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex highlighted how the coronavirus pandemic was affecting the education of millions of girls and demanded action.

Meghan conveyed her feminist message further through her clothing, wearing a black bodysuit from a brand specifically aimed at professional women, Tuxe.

Tamar Daniel created her fashion brand with the goal to empower women and help them advance in their career.

On top of designing comfortable and flattering bodysuits, the fashion designer also provides free pre-recorded life coaching sessions for women with Ianna Raim.

These sessions touch upon setting professional goals and turning disappointing setbacks to your advantage. 

Meghan was spotted wearing this black high-neck bodysuit in September 2018, when she attended the book launch of the cookbook written by members of the Hubb Community Kitchen in London.

The Duchess was also spotted wearing another item by Tuxe at the first Endeavour Fund Awards she ever attended alongside Prince Harry.

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The message conveyed by Tuxe is a perfect fit for Meghan, who is the patron of Smart Works, a charity providing women with clothes and coaching sessions ahead of interviews.  

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On Sunday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex heard from Ms Yousafzai that as many as 130 million girls were being denied an education before the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world.

COVID-19, the Oxford graduate added, forced at least 20 million more women to cut short their education.

Speaking about education, Prince Harry said: “We do take it for granted and it is a privilege but every single person, every single child, every single young person needs an education.  


“To know there’s over 130 million girls out of education right now, before the pandemic, and the numbers are only going to go up, it worries me and it probably worries all of us, the effect that is going to have not just on the individual, but on the family, and community, for the country and the world at large.”

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Meghan added: “So much is at stake if we don’t give a young woman an opportunity to learn and to get an education.

“I think there’s no greater time for all of us to acknowledge that with everything else happening with COVID, on International Day of the Girl, for each of us to make a commitment that yes, the layers upon layers that are happening in this context of COVID-19 are immense but all it has done is add on top of the problems that already existed.”

Before joining the Royal Family, Meghan had focused much of her humanitarian work on female empowerment, the stigma surrounding menstruation in many countries and the disparity in the number of boys and girls being given an education.  

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The Duchess isn’t new to sending messages through her choice of clothing.

On Saturday, the Duchess sparked frenzy after she was spotted wearing a face covering and a t-shirt believed to be a reference to late Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who became commonly known over the past decade as RBG.

Appearing on one episode of the popular Teenager Therapy podcast alongside with Harry, the Duchess wore a grey t-shirt reading ‘RBG’ on the front and a black face covering with the words “when there are nine” reading on it. 

This sentence references to a quote by Justice Ginsburg highlighting the gender disparity within the Supreme Court in Washington.

Justice Ginsburg, a representative of the more liberal wing at the Court as well as a feminist, died in mid-September.

Her death sparked a bitter clash between US President Donald Trump and the Democrats who demanded the tycoon to wait until the election to name Justice Ginsburg’s successor. 


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