Meghan Markle ‘massive problem’ behind Prince Harry and William’s royal rift – expert says | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was a “massive problem” for the Royal Family, Prince Harry’s biographer has said. Robert Lacey, who wrote the new royal book Battle of Brothers, said the Duchess was not made to feel important enough.

Mr Lacey spoke about the Duchess during an interview on Good Morning Britain with co-host Piers Morgan.

He said: “Meghan was a massive problem for the Royal Family.

“It’s easy to be wise after the event. Here’s a self-made woman.

“A self-made millionairess, the only one in the Royal Family who’s made her own money, created her own celebrity and not inherited it.”

The author has written about the two brothers alleged fall out in his recent biography.

Mr Lacey said Prince William was “quite right” to raise his concerns with his brother.

He told Piers Morgan: “William was quite right to say to Harry: ‘Look, this is a challenge you’re bringing into the family, how’s it going to work?’

“And with wisdom after the event, one has to say not enough preparations were made.”

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The couple relocated to the US and have settled down in Montecito after reportedly buying a $14million (£10 million) mansion in July.

Mr Lacey said that Prince William raised fears over the speed of his brother’s relationship with the Duchess of Sussex.

The Sussexes met in June 2016 and announced their engagement the following November.

The couple married in May 2018 before having their baby son Archie in 2019.

Prince William on the other hand met Kate Middleton at university before they married in 2011.

Mr Lacey said: “William took the lesson of duty.

“As he went through this difficult time, the prospect he was going to be King was a strength for him, to the degree that when he fell in love, he politely asked his girlfriend to wait nine or 10 years to make sure she’d be good for the job.

“They have created a wonderful figurehead for the future.

“Harry took the opposite conclusion from the turmoil of his parents’ loveless marriage, that he was going to go for love.

“We’re looking at a clash of love and duty.”


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