Meghan Markle news: Duchess has secret ‘science behind charm’ that makes her likeable | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duchess of Sussex is “excellent” at making a good first impression and is able to engage in conversation with different types of people, etiquette coach Myka Meier claimed. During an interview with Fabulous, Ms Meier said: “As a patron for many charities and the guest of honour of many events, Meghan is constantly meeting and speaking with people and groups, and must be able to be relatable to all.

“Meghan is excellent at making a great first impression and there are some techniques that we often spot her using.”

The expert explained that in order to be likeable, the Duchess has a specific technique that also makes her more photogenic.

Ms Meier said: “We often see on video when Meghan walks into a room to greet others, she follows the formula: Eyes open and mouth open.

“While doing this when entering a room, it shows likability, openness and receptiveness, and often captures on camera well for stills photographs too.

“We often see Meghan mirroring body language when meeting and greeting others for the first time.”

The Duchess has even the smallest details carefully calculated when it comes to her social interactions, according to the expert.

Ms Meier added: “We have seen Meghan Markle walking into a room or party many times using this technique, so she doesn’t have to switch hands with her bag from her right to her left before she shakes hands.

“When you enter a room and after you are introduced to everyone, hold a drink.

“It makes you appear more social and approachable at a party!”

But some have claimed the Duchess “can’t bear” the fact Prince William and Kate Middleton have been in the spotlight lately.

The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge went on a three-day royal tour of the UK to meet the coronavirus pandemic heroes, during which they received abundant praise for recognising key workers’ efforts in such a way.

However, according to royal biographer Angela Levin, Kate and William’s tour coverage overshadowed the news that Meghan and Harry are set to launch their own awards to celebrate the work being done to promote causes close to their heart.

Ms Levin told TalkRADIO presenter Mike Graham that Meghan will be “mad” that the Cambridges are receiving so much media attention.

She said: “I get the sense that Harry if he wasn’t with her would be quite happy to disappear from view and quite happy to live a relatively quiet life.

“But she can’t bear that and she will be driven even madder today by seeing William and Kate doing a three-day UK tour; travelling by train and meeting people.

“They will be all over the papers this week. That will make her crazy.”


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