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After Thursday’s result was released Meghan celebrated a “comprehensive win” over “illegal and dehumanising practices” from the paper. However according to ITV News royal editor Chris Ship, Associated Newspapers could be planning to appeal.

Speaking on ITV News last night he said: “The Royal Family will be relieved this isn’t going to trial.

“But the Mail on Sunday have said they could appeal.

“So it is not quite over yet.”

In a statement, Associated Newspapers confirmed they are considering mounting an appeal.

A spokesman said: “We are very surprised by today’s summary judgment and disappointed at being denied the chance to have all the evidence heard and tested in open court at a full trial.

“We are carefully considering the judgement’s contents and will decide in due course whether to lodge an appeal.”

Meghan and Prince Harry caused a global sensation in January 2020 when they announced their intention to step down as senior members of the Royal Family.

Instead the couple vowed to become “financially independent” and to split their time between Britain and North America.

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Last September Meghan and Harry announced they had reached a mega deal with streaming giant Netflix.

They have agreed to produce films, documentaries and children’s shows for the platform.

The Sussexes have also launched a podcast on Spotify, with the first episode being released in December 2020.

A mixture of celebrity guests and charity workers featured on the show, a festive special.

Earlier this week the Duke and Duchess appeared on a Zoom poetry call to mark Black History month.

The event was organised by Get Lit – Words Unite, a California based non-profit.

Meghan and Harry joined in the conversation which focused on the structural impact of racism and the importance of listening.

Speaking to Huffington Post Diane Luby Lane, Get Lit founder, said the Sussexes’ team had contacted them over the event.

She described the royal appearance as “honesty the most shocking and thrilling moment of our lives”.

Ms Lane added: “Our poets’ mouths hit the floor.

“After they left, one of the poets started crying and said ‘I need someone to explain what just happened right now’.”


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