Meghan Markle news: Duchess ‘urged to prove her authenticity’ by Victoria Beckham | Royal | News (Reports)


Ms Beckham has reportedly been helping the Duchess of Sussex deal with criticism with advice that works for her. According to insiders, Ms Beckham has urged Meghan to give the public an insight of her life in order to avoid backlash from critics.

Speaking to Closer, the source said: “Vic has always benefited from showing the public the ‘real’ her and highlighting her dry sense of humour.

“She enjoys how surprised they are when they see that, despite her seemingly stern appearance and failure to crack a smile in public, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and will be the first one to mock herself – which has helped boost her likeability and reputation over the years.

“She’s urged Meghan to shut down the critics and prove her authenticity by showing the side only her loved ones get to see and to reveal the real her.

“She’s also told Meghan it could make people think twice before attacking her and tug on their heartstrings by showing the public how deeply the backlash affects her and Harry on an emotional level.”

According to the source, Ms Beckham understands the difficulties of moving to a different country and having to adapt to a new lifestyle.

The insider said: “Vic and David know how tough it is to move to a new country and all the uncertainties and anxiety that Harry will no doubt be facing, so that’s something they’ve bonded over too.

“It has also helped to heal any tension between Harry and David.”

The Beckhams married 21 years ago and have since had to shut down divorce rumours.

“Vic has reassured her that you do really get used to it and it’s why she thinks it’s a good idea to show the more human side to her in a TV show and win the public’s affection that way.”

The Beckhams have always had a good relationship with members of the Royal Family, and according to the Sun, Harry and Meghan are already on the guest list for their son Brooklyn’s wedding to Nicola Peltz next year.

Speaking to the Sun, an insider said: “Brooklyn’s wedding will be one of the most star-studded weddings of all time thanks to his parents’ connections.

“Prince Harry and Meghan are top of the pile as David and Victoria are good friends with them and know their attendance would make the day even more special.”

Ms Beckham, who gained international recognition thanks to being one part of the girl band Spice Girls, recently revealed why she was nicknamed “posh”.


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