Meghan Markle’s request letter to father is destroyed or returned rejected ‘at this stage’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duchess of Sussex asked that the publisher is ordered to destroy the electronic copies it has of her handwritten letter to her father, Thomas Markle, the Mirror reported. At a virtual hearing on Tuesday, Meghan’s legal team also demanded the High Court to instruct Associated Newspapers Limited to return physical copies of the letter.

Ian Mill QC, representing the Duchess, also requested an injunction to “restrain the acts of copyright infringement and misuse of private information”.

Mr Mill wrote: “This case is a paradigm example of one in which there is a very real need for an injunction.

“It is required in order to protect the claimant’s rights and stop the continuing acts of infringement.

“The defendant has offered no undertaking, the defendant has failed to deliver up copies it has of the letter such that the threat to infringe and further to misuse her private information remains real and, inexplicably, the defendant has still not removed the infringing articles from MailOnline.

“This is in the face of a judgment which has found, in the clearest possible terms, that the defendant’s acts of publishing those articles infringes the claimant’s rights.

“Accordingly, at the time of writing, the defendant defiantly continues to do the very acts which the court has held are unlawful.”

The barrister also asked the High Court to order Associated Newspapers Limited to issue a statement about Meghan’s legal win on the front page of the Mail on Sunday, as well as the home page of the MailOnline website.

According to Mr Mill, the statement is meant “to act as a deterrent to future infringers”.


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