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In the long-awaited book, published by Central Park South Publishing, Meghan’s sister claimed a staged photoshoot of their father, Thomas Markle, was part of an exposé. The author admitted to having accepted a purported deal to portray her father in an “honest light” after he was “horribly labelled” by the media.

However, the Duchess’ elder sister claims the photoshoot was leaked to UK newspapers which accused them of “staging photographs”.

In an extract obtained by Newsweek, Ms Markle, also known by the name Samantha Grant, wrote: “I got a call from someone offering to connect me with a photographer friend by the name of Jeff [Rayner], who promised to discreetly take photographs of my father, putting him in an honest light, because other photographers had been so disparaging, intentionally.

“I received no money for the deal per my request, and the goal for my father was not money, because he had been turning down $50,000 interviews.

“It was just allowing the Royals and the world to see him in his proper light, because he was so horribly labelled and photographed.

“It was like watching vultures feast. The photographer said, ‘Don’t worry, I will take good care of your dad, and nobody will even see.'”

Thomas Markle and photographer Jeff Rayner, of the agency Coleman-Rayner, set up a photo shoot at the Omega internet cafe near Mr Markle’s home in Rosarito, Mexico.

However, both men were eventually intercepted by British press despite a request sent out by Kensington Palace to respect his privacy.

Ms Markle added: “When I saw some of the photographs, I was delighted, until I saw an article that said he ‘staged photographs.’

“I nearly choked, when I saw photographs of the photographer walking 3 feet behind my father, as seen on an Internet Cafe surveillance camera.

“I was guaranteed that he would not be visible, and I’m sure he knew that the camera was there on the ceiling, so I felt as though I had been baited, and so had my father.

“I was guaranteed it would be discreet, and then he publicly allowed himself to be seen walking 3 feet behind my father with the long lens camera, and furthermore, bragged about it on his Facebook page the following day.”

According to the Mirror, the book includes chapters titled Markle Beginnings, When Grandma Said the N Word, The Queen Would be Appalled and Looking For Mr Right The Wrong Way.

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