More than 10,000 consent applications for financial remedy processed on MyHMCTS


The financial remedy consent order service was launched in 2018. It enables legal professionals to submit online an agreed order which sets out the finances of divorcing couples and is part of our work to make divorce simpler.

In 2019 there were over 28,000 consent applications for financial remedy orders. We understand that resolving finances after separating is one the most challenging aspects of a couple’s divorce. Our aim is to reduce unnecessary anxiety by providing their legal representatives with a service that is quick, available at all times and enables progress to be tracked without the need to contact us. This allows couples to move with their lives following their divorce.

Feedback from legal professionals using the service which was mandated in August 2020 has been positive.

Juliet Harvey, Legal Director at Birketts says of the service:

I have found the Financial Remedy service very simple to use. The system guides you through what needs to happen. Being able to check answers before you press ‘submit’ is great – it’s much the same as getting a paper version of the form back for checking and signature before lodging at court. I find the notifications that the application has been received, has been submitted to the Judge and that the order has been approved are a great addition.

I also love not having to chase the court by phone to find out what is happening to my application – either I’ve had notification from the system to tell me what has happened, or I can log into the portal to check progress.

For my clients, it is a simpler, quicker process. It enables them to move on with their lives more quickly.

Adam Lennon, Head of Family said:

Providing legal professionals with the ability to submit financial remedy consent applications online has a been a key part of our plan to use technology to simplify and improve the divorce process.

We are pleased to have reached this milestone, the feedback we have received is a real testament to the way we have worked with the judiciary and legal professionals to develop a system that meets the needs of court users.

What’s next for the service?

People acting for themselves do not have an online service to make their application. From early 2021 we will digitise the paper application at the point of receipt and use the same digital service to ensure that they are dealt with quickly and in line with those submitted online. Next year we will also provide respondent solicitors with access to the information and we will be enabling applications for variation orders.

MyHMCTS is the online case management service for legal professionals. Create an account to use the financial remedy online service if you are acting on behalf of an applicant.

Guidance for legal professionals on how to use the financial remedy online service is available on the MyHMCTS website.


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