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Scotland reported 160 coronavirus cases yesterday, the highest daily total since May 16. The new cases take the total cases in the country to 20,478 since the start of the pandemic. The First Minister has now admitted Scotland is “in a fragile position” due to the rise in cases.

The 160 new cases follow Sunday’s 123, and shows a growing resurgence of the virus in Scotland.

Ms Sturgeon said the rising figures have given her “a greater sense of anxiety today” than at any time “probably for the last couple of months”.

While speaking during the daily coronavirus briefing, she revealed an incident management team is assessing a cluster of 22 cases in Ayrshire and Arran.

The team believe the incident appears “to be linked to indoor gatherings that took place the previous weekend”.

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The First Minister said at the briefing she believes the “quite high” new cases were in part “a result of greater numbers of people being tested”.

She also added proportionally, less than one percent of coronavirus tests in the country are positive.

But she also said: “The number of cases we are seeing right now is a reminder to all of us the virus is still a very real risk, it is a development that concerns me and it is one we are taking very seriously.

“I feel a greater sense of anxiety today than I have done any time probably for the last couple of months.

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“We are in a fragile position – we have substantially lifted the lockdown restrictions, but in doing so we’ve allowed this virus opportunities to spread.”

Ms Sturgeon also warned Glasgow it could face a return of lockdown restrictions, which were lifted on July 10, if cases continue to rise.

She warned the areas seeing a surge in cases would be closely scrutinised, and confirmed the government were looking into whether “specific action” might be needed.

The SNP leader added: “As you’d expect, we are paying particularly close attention to Glasgow and Lanarkshire, and considering whether any specific action there may be required.”

At the start of August, Ms Sturgeon and Scottish authorities placed Aberdeen back under emergency measures.

Scottish opposition politicians have urged the First Minister not to be too hasty in reimposing “draconian” lockdown measures.

Scottish Labour health spokesperson Monica Lennon said: “It is deeply worrying that Nicola Sturgeon says she is feeling a high level of anxiety.

“The First Minister needs to not be hasty, and to consult a wide range of scientific experts before making any decision to reimpose draconian restrictions.

“We are in a position where the economy is incredibly fragile and restrictions on socialising could harm the most vulnerable in society.

“Now is a time for cool heads and Ms Sturgeon must be careful to base any decisions on the best evidence.”


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