OAPs fear third wave covid in New Year as Britons IGNORE social distancing | UK | News (Reports)


Research for campaign group Silver Voices found 84 percent expect there will be further lockdowns in 2021 after a surge in cases. It found 60 percent believe people are ignoring calls to keep six feet (two metres) apart to help stem the spread of the disease. Worries about personal safety mean that 15 percent will not take up the new covid vaccine.

Some 65 percent of pensioners think the UK Government’s response to the pandemic is either “disastrous” or “poor”.

Half of residents across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales felt the same about the devolved Governments.

Silver Voices said the survey findings were “damning”.

Director Dennis Reed said: “As the group most likely to die from COVID-19, the views of our members should be taken very seriously by Governments.

“There is clearly no confidence in the measures being taken as sufficient to prevent a third wave and the majority are not going to take advantage of the Christmas break as they consider it too dangerous.

“There is also a big job to do to convince even this most vulnerable group that being vaccinated is the best option for their health.

“The verdict of senior citizens on the woeful performance of the Westminster Government is damning, as it should be, with so many older lives lost unnecessarily.”

More than 800 Silver Voices members took part in the study carried out by SurveyMonkey between November 30 and December 5.


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