Piers Morgan rages at critics over Prince Charles visiting Philip in hospital – ‘Shut up!’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital on Tuesday evening as a “precautionary measure”. The exact reason for his admission has not been disclosed by Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles spent about 30 minutes at the hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Tweeting a picture of the Prince of Wales leaving the hospital, Mr Morgan said the image was “incredibly sad”.

The Good Morning Britain host wrote: “What an incredibly sad picture.

“A tearful son after seeing his seriously ill 99-year-old father in hospital.

“If your first instinct is to spew abuse or rage about Prince Charles visiting Prince Philip today, shut the f*ck up.”

In response to Mr Morgan’s tweet, some social media users chose to criticise Prince Charles’ hospital trip.

One Twitter user said: “Sorry but what’s the difference between this picture and all the others of sons daughters etc that couldn’t see their loved ones when they were seriously ill ?!”

Another user wrote: “There are people on their deathbed not allowed to be with their families and children in hospitals not allowed to have their parent or guardian there so why should Charles be allowed to see Philip??”

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Some social media users joined Mr Morgan in defending Prince Charles’ hospital visit.

One Twitter user posted: “The lack of intelligence in some people is just shocking.

“People ARE allowed to visit if it’s end of life, even more so if it’s a private hospital.

“AND it’s the royal family – he’s served this country for pretty much his whole adult life!”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Some people can, some people cannot! Hospital’s discretion so why would you want to take that away from anyone?”

In April last year, Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that close family members are able to see dying relatives to say goodbye under a new set of coronavirus guidelines.

However, Buckingham Palace has not indicated that Prince Philip is in the final stages of his life.

A Palace source previously told the BBC that Philip walked into the hospital in London unaided.

A Palace source also told the media outlet on Saturday that the Duke is likely to remain in hospital into next week.

Prince Philip is expected to celebrate his 100 birthday in June.


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