PM call with President Erdogan of Turkey: 28 September 2020


The Prime Minister spoke to Turkish President Erdogan this evening (28 September 2020).

They agreed on the importance of working together to strengthen the defence and economic partnerships between the UK and Turkey, and to collaborate in the fight against coronavirus. President Erdogan committed to working with the UK on the Prime Minister’s five-point plan to prevent future pandemics which he announced at the UN General Assembly.

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The two leaders discussed the situation in Libya, and the Prime Minister emphasised the need for a political settlement to end the conflict. They also talked about recent violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. The UK has called for urgent de-escalation in the region.

The Prime Minister expressed his concern about recent tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. He stressed the need for calm and welcomed the news that Turkey and Greece have agreed to talks.

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Published 28 September 2020


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