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The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal takes off every year in the Autumn, as Remembrance Day approaches. October and November will see people proudly fasten poppies to their coats and bags to remember fallen military men and women. But donations traditionally come from sellers who stand in public spaces, which are currently a breeding ground for COVID-19.

Are poppies being sold this year?

The Poppy Appeal is an annual drive promoted by the Royal British Legion, a charity for veterans of the Armed Forces.

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Each year, they raise millions of pounds for their cause by holding fundraising events and taking to the streets to sell pins.

The appeal is an autumn staple in the UK, but COVID-19 endangers its public platform.

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As such, organisers have resolved to scale back their events this year, with a focus on donating and buying poppies without contact.

The Royal British Legion said staff have worked to create alternative ways for people to donate.

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They said rather than interacting with poppy vendors, people can help out by donating online or buying from a supermarket.

The RBL also said it has had to cancel some of its events and postpone until next year.

City Poppy Days will no longer go on in the following cities:

  • Cardiff
  • Bristol
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester

The RBL said they needed to “safeguard our staff, volunteers and members of the public”, but they haven’t cancelled every event.

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London’s City Poppy Day will go on as planned on October 29 due to available COVID-19 assistance.

They said: “London Poppy Day planning is currently continuing as it has its own dedicated staff resource who is able to solely focus on the challenges that COVID–19 presents.

“We are currently hopeful that appropriate measures can be implemented so that LPD can still take place, although subject to restrictions.”


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