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Prince Edward was a ‘sensitive’ child says royal expert

However, he ended up being outshone by Edward, who outperformed him at their secondary school Gordonstoun, becoming head boy and making it into the cricket first 11. Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, described the two boys’ relationship in her 1993 book Royal Children. The two princes, born four years apart, were much younger than their older siblings Prince Charles and Princess Anne and did not have the pressures of being the heir or only daughter of the Queen.

However, Andrew was reportedly boisterous from the outset and “bullied” Edward.

Ms Seward wrote: “Andrew bullied everybody and would constantly swipe his younger brother.

“If he saw Edward going for a particular cake, Andrew would try and grab it first.”

Of young Edward, Ms Seward said: “He was a sweet child, whose delicate good looks and permanently flushed cheeks endeared him to the Palace staff.”

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prince andrew prince edward

Prince Andrew bullied Prince Edward when they were children according to a royal expert (Image: GETTY)

queen philip the crown

Olivia Colman as the Queen and Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip in The Crown (Image: Netflix)

In their early days of education, when they were taught by a governess at Buckingham Palace, Edward lived in his brother’s shadow.

Andrew would throw furious tantrums while Edward was more likely to show his anger by turning red and falling silent.

However, he went on to outshine Andrew at school, excelling in sport and drama, and even becoming head boy.

Edward then went to Cambridge, despite unusually bad grades for someone accepted to the world class university, while Andrew went straight into the military.

prince andrew prince edward

Andrew and Edward as young chuldren (Image: GETTY)

Edward planned to go into the Royal Marines after university but dropped out of the officer training after just four months, while Andrew enjoyed a successful career in the Navy.

The Earl of Wessex went on to found his own television production company that had mixed results.

Edward has also enjoyed a successful marriage; he wed Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999 and had two children, and he is currently the only one of the Queen’s children not to get divorced.

Meanwhile, Andrew had a very public break-up with Sarah Ferguson, whose embarrassing so-called “toe-sucking” photos were splashed across newspapers.

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prince edward

Prince Edward at Cambridge University (Image: GETTY)

prince andrew navy

Prince Andrew had an illustrious career in the Navy (Image: GETTY)

Netflix’s The Crown season four features the two younger princes more than in any previous seasons.

In episode four, the Queen invites all her children to individual lunches with her and is horrified to find they each have their own demons.

She describes Andrew’s attitude as “shocking” while she laments that Edward is “lost”, “bullied”, and “vengeful”.

This is because Edward admits to her that he is bullied by the other boys at school, but that now he is head boy he has found a taste for enforcing the rules.

Prince Andrew ‘wasn’t honest’ with The Queen claims Arbiter

However the royal historical drama also shows how Andrew chooses Edward for his best man over Charles, suggesting a level of tension between the heir and the spare, and that Andrew gets on better with his younger brother than his older brother.

Prince Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, says to Andrew, played by Tom Byrne: “You can hardly blame the newspapers for wanting to write about something other than the wedding of a fringe member of the family who will never be King.”

Edward comments “ouch”, before Charles smiles and says: “Well it’s true, isn’t it?

“Fourth-in-line now and by the time William’s had children and his children have had children… fringe.”

Andrew simply gawps, before saying: “Did he really just say that? On my wedding day?”

Edward comments: “That was impressively c***y.”


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