Prince Andrew news: ‘Pressure heaping’ on Duke of York as ex-friends speak out | Royal | News (Reports)


During ITV’s Lorraine royal expert Russell Myers stated that that Adam Perry, Mr Epstein’s former chef, shared some flights with the Duke of York in 1999 and 2000. The royal commentator told Lorraine Kelly that Mr Perry is now cooperating with the FBI’s investigation into Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Ms Kelly asked: “Is there more pressure on Prince Andrew?”

Mr Myers said: “He should be checking where his passport is as the FBI are still wanting to talk to him.

“They are investing these long running cases to do with Jeffrey Epstein his paedophile friend and his former friend Ghislaine Maxwell, who is languishing in a Brooklyn jail at the moment.

“Lots of people are coming out speaking and there is also a chap called Adam Perry, who was Jeffrey Epstein’s chef.

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“He actually shared some flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane with Prince Andrew back in 1999 and 2000.

“He is cooperating with the FBI, lots of other people are coming forward, the lawyers are saying more people are coming forward.

“This heaping more pressure on Prince Andrew, everyone is imploring him to speak and it is not going to go away anytime soon.”

Ms Kelly replied: “We should say that he denies all allegations, he denies all of that.”  

Last year Prince Andrew addressed the Epstein affair in a controversial BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis.

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The Duke of York underwent a 50-minute exchange with Ms Maitlis in which he answered a series of questions on his relationship with the disgraced billionaire.

The programme sparked widespread public backlash both in the UK and abroad, and ultimately led to Andrew temporarily resigning from his public duties in November 2019.

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The Duke, who is the Queen’s third child, has “categorically” denied having any sexual contact with any of the women associated with Epstein.

Representatives for the Duke declined to comment on the claims when contacted by


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