Prince Charles and Camilla’s official Twitter turns off comments amid ‘nasty trolling’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Only those followed by the @ClarenceHouse account or mentioned in one of their tweets can comment on the posts. has approached Clarence House to confirm the reason for the comments being closed.

Reports suggest it is in response to comments breaching royal guidelines.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has been receiving abuse from trolls since the release of season four of Netflix’s The Crown.

A source told HELLO!: “The Duchess in particular has been the target of some pretty nasty trolling by people who have watched the show.”

The hit TV show is based loosely on historical events but takes artistic licence with storylines.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has even urged Netflix to make it clear the show is fiction.

The storyline focuses on Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage – and the impact of his affair with Camilla.

Harsh critics unable to comment continue to share their messages by retweeting posts on the royal page.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess’ Twitter account shared four pictures of the royals on December 2 at the National Gallery.

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Howard Hodgson has met with Charles on several occasions and wrote the biography ‘Charles — The Man Who Will Be King’.

He told on Wednesday the portrayal of Charles is “monstrously unfair”.

Mr Hodgson said: “Charles is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

“He’s just not that person at all, if you ever met him, you’d know within two seconds he’s not vaguely like that.

“He was never the obsequious little s*** portrayed in The Crown.

“He was never as wimpish as made out in The Crown at school.”

The Crown has also been fact checked by Australian news programme 4corners.

Posting on Twitter, the show denied former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke called the Queen a “pig” as portrayed.


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