Prince Charles attempted to stop Camilla’s marriage to Parker Bowles with ‘drastic’ letter | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Charles was said to have been too late in courting Camilla, according to some royal experts. The news of Camilla marrying Andrew Parker Bowles resulted in the Prince frustratingly writing back to her in an attempt to stop the wedding. Channel 5’s documentary ‘Behind the royals’ saw royal experts reflect key moments in Prince Charles’ life.

Royal commentator Richard Kay said: “I think Andrew Parker Bowles was forced into the proposal.

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“This is because he was very aware Camilla was seeing Prince Charles.

“I think he generally feared that if he didn’t pull his finger out and make an honest woman of Camilla, he might actually lose her.

“He wanted Camilla to be the mother of his children, he could see a future with her.”

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The narrator added: “4,000 miles away news reaches Prince Charles that Camilla is engaged.

“According to insiders, he took drastic action and fired off several letters. “

Royal commentator Katie Nicholl reflected on how Prince Charles took the news and how he planned to respond.

She said: “Prince Charles wrote to Camilla and pleaded with her to reconsider.

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Ms Junor also highlighted that Prince Charles was unlikely to have made his true feelings towards Camilla known initially.

She said: “She said: “Charles never told Camilla how he felt.

“I am sure she was aware of how he felt when they were together for those six months but he never expressed it.

“He certainly never discussed marriage with her.”


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