Prince Charles encourages children to go outdoors and explore nature with daily challenges | Royal | News (Reports)


The Prince said he was sure children and parents were as frustrated as he was at not being able to get outdoors as much because of lockdown. But now is a great time to do so as winter slowly gives way to spring. He is encouraging youngsters and parents to grab their wellies and complete the daily task posted on the Clarence House Instagram page from tomorrow.

Among the activities in The Prince of Wales’ Half Term Nature Challenge will be planting a seed; spotting birds that visit ponds, lakes or streams; painting a stone or pebble with your favourite animal, or just observing nature during a walk.

And they can be completed in towns and cities, in the countryside or on the coast.

Families will then be encouraged to share what they discover or make by posting drawings, photos or even short films on the hashtag #POWNatureChallenge.

A gallery of highlights will be put up the following week.

Launching the challenge yesterday, Prince Charles said: “I know it has been an incredibly hard year for everyone. We’ve all had to think very carefully about how to keep ourselves and our families safe, which has meant we have had to stay very close to home. I am sure you feel as frustrated as I do about that – not being able to get outside as much as you’d like, especially if you live near a park or countryside.

And now, of course, is a special time to be doing that. It’s at this time of year that all sorts of wonderful things start happening as nature wakes up the world from its winter sleep.

“Buds on trees will soon become leaves, bulbs will start pushing spring flowers up through soil and we’ll soon be hearing the wonderful sound of birdsong every morning. These things will happen near you, whether you live in a town or a city, or in the countryside.

“So, here’s a challenge for you…

“While you have a little time off from all your online learning, can you encourage your family to go out with you to take a really close look at the wonderful things nature is now doing, and how the same patterns occur over and over again?

“Some of the charities I am involved with have put together a series of challenges for you, to give you a proper break this half term week.

“Do enjoy these challenges, and I look forward to seeing how you get on.”


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