Prince Charles issues vaccine plea as he ‘fears UK has reached sobering milestone’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Charles has issued a warning for the future of the UK under the coronavirus pandemic after reflecting on the “tragedies” already experienced. The Prince of Wales was giving a speech to the British Asian Trust about the importance of everyone getting a COVID-19 vaccine. This comes after concerns have emerged over the slow uptake of doses, especially in ethnic minority communities.

The royal said: “Recently I fear we have reached a most sobering milestone in this seemingly interminable campaign as we marked the tragic loss of 100,000 souls.

“It is clear that the virus has affected all parts of the country, and all parts of society.

“But it is also clear that there are particular challenges faced in particular sections of our society, especially in some ethnic minority communities.

“What saddens me even further is to hear that those challenges are being made even worse by the variable uptake of the vaccines, which finally offers a way out of the suffering of the past year.”

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Charles continued: “The production of the vaccines in such an incredibly short time scale must rank as one of the greatest scientific achievements of our time.

“It has been the result of tremendous international cooperation, generous financial investment by nations and private companies and represents an unprecedented and super human effort by our medical experts.

“Therefore it is surely a tragedy that the benefits of such an extraordinary achievement should not be experienced by everybody.

“Which is why I am so very grateful for all those who have come together here today to help ensure people of whatever background are enabled to take up the vaccine.”


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