Prince Charles latest: Royal to ‘work hard or do less’ in Duke’s plan to slim monarchy | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Charles, 71, is second in line to the throne and longest royal in waiting to reign. The Duke of Cornwall has big plans when he assumed the crown from mother, Queen Elizabeth II which include slimming down the monarchy. The British Royal Family has the greatest number of active royals than any other European country, according to royal historian Bob Morris.

Speaking to, Mr Morris said: “Prince Charles has spoken about slimming down the monarchy and we have a greater number of active royals in the UK than in other European monarchies where the Royal Family is just the King and the Queen and the Crown Prince and his spouse.

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“We are unusual in that sense but we are a much bigger population than other European monarchies.

“We’re 66 million, Sweden has nine million, Norway has five, Poland has about 18 to 19.

“On the other hand, Spain who has a population of 40 million really only has two people.

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“What we have done is used the larger Royal Family to maintain the contacts the Royal Family has with a much larger population.

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“They will have to work hard or do less.”

It comes as royal expert Christopher Warwick explained the Duke of Cornwall will use the Palace as an office but is likely to remain in Clarence House.

Speaking to True Royalty TV, Mr Warwick said: “I can’t help thinking that Charles may not come to the throne for another five to six years.

“The official line is that the Cambridges will one day move to the Palace when they become King and Queen.

“I imagine that it will still be monarchy HQ and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cambridges stayed in Kensington Palace.”

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Royal biographers Ingrid Seward and Richard Kay added that they don’t think Prince Charles will move to Buckingham Palace when he becomes King.

The comments come as Charles has been preparing to become King as he announced he will no longer lease his signature Duchy Originals farm after 35 years.

The Duke will not renew the lease on the 900-acre Home Farm, at Highgrove in Gloucestershire next year.

But he has planned to turn the royal’s Sandringham estate into the country’s largest organic sheep farm.


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