Prince Charles reign a ‘frightening prospect’ as future king may spark Royal Family demise | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne will spark questions about the “point” of the monarchy, a royal expert has warned. Author of ‘The Last Queen’, Clive Irving, has claimed that the Prince of Wales’ reign could drive the Royal Family off a cliff after the Queen dies. Speaking to Sky News Australia, he explained why the royal heir was not up to the job.

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He continued: “To me, Meghan and Harry are exemplary, contemporary, modern, progressive people.

“By putting up with Netflix, they will be using their celebrity power for good ends.

“Whereas I think Prince Charles looks like a throwback to the 18th century Hanoverian princes.

“His comfort zone is a refashioned 18th-century world which doesn’t contain any of the things he doesn’t like.”

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According to YouGov’s latest polling, Charles is the sixth most popular royal in the UK.

He comes in behind the Queen, Prince William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Anne and Prince Philip.

The Prince of Wales also currently has a 47 percent positive rating.

The opinion on whether he will make a good king also seems to be mixed.

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According to YouGov’s last record in December 2020, 35 percent of those surveyed were not sure compared to 33 percent saying he will not make a good king and 32 percent saying he will.


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