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Prince Charles must take back control and “King up” if he wants his reign to be successful, a royal fan has suggested. Twitter user Jenny lashed out after Omid Scobie, one of the authors of Finding Freedom, lifted the lid on the relationship between Charles and Harry. 

She wrote: “His personal relationship with Harry is good? WTseriousF.

“H has condoned rabid fans who promote harm to HMTQ, Charles and Camilla and the Cambridges.

“Harry has thrown his family under the bus.

“Charles needs to King up and draw the line.”

This royal fan’s tweet refers to reports Meghan and Prince Harry had personally thanked a Twitter user linked to an account which has addressed abusive messages to other members of the Royal Family.

Portuguese Sussex fan Dani Trin said she had been thanked via phone call by the Sussexes after she helped raise around £45,000 for charity as part of a virtual birthday present for the Sussexes.

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Ms Trin said: “This was a short call with the sole purpose to thank us all for our efforts in putting such an amazing effort in and also for our enthusiastic support in the past two years. 

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“They both sounded so thankful, so moved and so happy for having our support.

“Meghan did tell me to, ‘Pass on the message’.

“I’m humbled to have been used as a messenger to pass on their words of gratitude to you all. Calling me was like calling all of us. 

“Acknowledging me personally and so directly was like doing the same to all of us.”

However, it later emerged Ms Trin had was one of eight people to have had access to an account, called henryscousin, which in the past posted cruel messages about other members of the Royal Family.

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Speaking to about the now-deleted account, Ms Trin denied writing any abuse, saying: “I feel like it’s not my place to condemn or approve another person’s tweets.

“It’s their opinion. Henryscousin was like a forum and I had no control what other people posted.  

“The group disbanded and the account was deactivated due to irreconcilable differences.”

It is unlikely Meghan or Harry knew about this link.

Mr Scobie, who co-authored Meghan and Harry’s unauthorised biography Finding Freedom, also discussed the current state of the relationship between Prince Harry and his father.

In an interview with Kate Thornton, Mr Scobie said: “Someone close to Prince Charles [said] this was a headache to arrange. 

“Of course schedules do come into that but the other reason I was given was that the boys have in the past run hot and cold with their father.

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“He’s not just their father, he’s also the future king and their boss – he’s the purse keeper.

“There are many political things here which can feed into a very up-and-down relationship, and it was felt by those at Clarence House that it was a headache to put together.”

Mr Scobie also said Charles’s relationship with his sons was a “complex” dynamic.

He and Carolyn Durand quoted a source saying: “While Charles may be a father to Harry, he’s also their boss, and that makes their relationship complex for a number of reasons.

“Charles is extremely focused on his public image, and there have been times Harry has felt that has taken precedence over everything else.”

However, sources close to Clarence House have denied these claims, saying the Prince of Wales and his youngest son are on good terms.    


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