Prince Ernst August arrested: Police surround hunting lodge after complaint from employee | Royal | News (Reports)


Police surrounded the home of Prince Ernst August of Hanover, the head of the Royal House of Hanover, on Monday after being called by one of his employees. The prince is accused of having intimated his employee and her husband to leave his household or face a group of thugs he would send after them, RTL.DE wrote.  

The Prince is also said to have smashed a window with a traffic traffic sign.  

This isn’t the first time police officers are called on Prince Ernst August. 

In July 2020, the royal was admitted to a psychiatric ward after an attack on the police.

Less than a week later, he reportedly drove towards police officers in Scharnstein, Austria, equipped with a baseball bat.

There he is said to have threatened two of them with a bat. 


Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg


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