Prince George’s nanny is BANNED from wearing her uniform too much for this bizarre reason | Royal | News (Reports)


Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s nanny is called Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. She has to wear a tan dress, white gloves and a bowler hat as uniform and has been pictured wearing the outfit at weddings and christenings.

But the brown uniform is only worn at official royal events in order to distinguish themselves from housemaids.

Most royal nannies wear smart and practical clothing to not stand out against other modern families.

This is especially important for Ms Borrallo who looks after the future King of England, Prince George.

The Cambridges’ nanny is from the Norland College which is a prestigious nanny-training school based in Bath.

The school has been producing nannies for the Royal Family since 1892.

Ms Borrallo was originally born in Spain but has lived in the UK for the past two decades.

She is not married and does not have any children herself.

But due to her training at the Norland College, she is an expert in looking after children.

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Ms Borrallo has undertaken some thorough training before becoming a nanny to the royals.

She is trained in Taekwondo and even learnt how to drive in extreme weather conditions.

She has also received cybersecurity and anti-terrorism training.

Prince George is currently third in line of succession to the throne after his father, Prince William, and grandfather, Prince Charles.

Prince George is expected to inherit an estate from his grandfather according to a royal expert.

Royal commentator, Christopher Wilson, told that the young prince may get Prince Charles’ beloved Highgrove residence in Gloucestershire, England.

The Prince of Wales bought the property in 1980 and lived there with Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Mr Wilson said: “Inevitably Highgrove will become surplus to requirement.

“Who’ll live there? Only 11 years from now our future king-but-two Prince George will come of age.

“Maybe he’ll take a liking to the elegant 18th century Cotswold stone house and its surrounding estate.”


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