Prince Harry had ‘tough time’ worrying as William battled coronavirus expert says | Royal | News (Reports)


Brittani Barger, deputy editor of Royal Central, claimed The Duke of Sussex would have been “worried” about his brother’s family, including Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and their children struggling with the deadly virus. Harry and Meghan Markle have been in Los Angeles since March, and have mostly stayed put in their new Montecito home. Ms Barger’s comments come after reports suggested William and Harry’s rift had grown larger during the time apart.

William revealed last month that he tested positive for COVID-19 on March 26, but kept his diagnosis a secret.

The Duke of Cambridge said he kept it quiet as he “didn’t want to worry anyone” when the pandemic first struck.

Ms Barger claimed Harry was likely “told personally about William having COVID” by way of a phone call, and said Harry wouldn’t have found out about the diagnosis “with the rest of the world”.

Despite the distance between the brothers, she said “no matter what” Harry would have “checked in on his brother when he found out”.

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Ms Barger then added the news would have shaken Harry, as he would have been concerned about his family,

She said to the Daily Star: “I would think that Harry checked in on his brother when he found out that he had COVID.

“No matter what, that’s his brother, and he wouldn’t want him to have the virus.

“I’m sure he was worried about him having it and Kate and the kids catching it. I think that is only natural.”

The expert then said not being able to “check on them in person once they got better” would have made the ordeal a “stressful time” for Harry.

She added: “Harry is like so many in that he’s been separated from his family for a long period of time due to this pandemic.

“It’s been a stressful time for all of us and seeing your loved ones sick with something like COVID – and knowing you are halfway across the globe – is not easy. He could only video call or phone call to check on his father and brother.

“I would think Harry was told personally about William having COVID. I don’t think that would be something they’d let him find out with the rest of the world. They are family, so I’m sure he was told by someone in the family.”


William has said he was able to recover from the virus relatively quickly, and was treated at Anmer Hall in Norwich where he self isolated with Kate.

Harry and William’s father Prince Charles also caught coronavirus in March, but said “got away lightly” with his bout of illness.

He said to Sky News: “I was lucky in my case… but I’ve had it, and I can so understand what other people have gone through.

“I feel particularly for those who have lost their loved ones and have been unable to be with them at the time. That, to me, is the most ghastly thing.”

Ms Bergar’s comments come after Robert Lacey’s book ‘Battle if Brothers’, which detailed the row between William and Harry ahead of the Sussexes royal exit.

Mr Lacey claimed William was angered by Harry and Meghan’s decision to keep details about Archie Harrison a secret, and reported the Cambridge royal complained about his brother to a friend.

The book reads: “‘I’ve put my arm round his shoulder all our lives together,’ said the prince to a friend, explaining why Harry and Meghan’s behaviour and the succession of erratic decisions surrounding Archie’s birth and christening—particularly the weird concealing of the godparents—had led to the rupture between the brothers that Harry would describe later as the pursuit of ‘different paths.’

“’I can’t do it any more,’ said William.”


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