Prince Harry news: Duke of Sussex ex Cressida Bones shares photo with husband in snow | Royal | News (Reports)


The couple were married in July with Cressida later revealing the wedding was organised in two weeks. In the photo Harry and Cressida, 31, are pictured wearing woolly hats against a winter backdrop as they battle the countryside snow.

There is a body of water in the background whilst Cressida is holding a drinking flask using a fingerless glove.

Cressida was first introduced to Prince Harry by Princess Eugenie, a mutual friend.

Following their breakup in 2014 the couple remained close and she attended his wedding in May 2018 to Meghan Markle.

Due to coronavirus restrictions Cressida’s own wedding took place with only 30 socially distanced attendees.

No hymns were sung and guests were instructed not to speak loudly.

Writing in The Spectator Cressida described the occasion as “a more intimate and special day than we could ever have imagined”.

However she revealed there were a number of setbacks in the runup to the wedding.

Just two days before she developed a red style on her eyelid which later required operating on and briefly got lost on the way to the wedding venue.

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Describing her arrival at the venue she wrote: “We were greeted by the vicar.

“This was her first lockdown wedding and she looked nervous.

“As Harry and I both have abnormally large families (22 siblings and four sets of parents between us), it was impossible for them all to be there.

“But the whole time I just wished they were.

“This was the only sad part of an otherwise happy day.

“I am certain we value our family and friends even more when they are absent.”

Lockdown rules meant a post-wedding reception was prohibited so after the service the newlyweds rode away on horseback.

Harry and Meghan stood down as senior members of the Royal Family in March 2020.

After a brief stay in Canada the couple moved to California, Meghan’s home state, shortly before it went into coronavirus lockdown.

They later purchased a £11.2 million home to the north of Los Angeles.


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