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During the Royal Rota, ITV’s Royal Editor Chris Ship and Maggie Rulli discussed the challenge that the paparazzi culture in LA will pose Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Mr Ship stated it was ironic Prince Harry had chosen to move to Los Angeles following his departure from the Royal Family.

Mr Ship said: “It is filled with celebrities and therefore filled with the paparazzi who are trying to make money from getting pictures of the celebrities.

“There is a kind of irony of them running away from a royal life where Harry didn’t want to be under the spotlight anymore.

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“If I were to ask you wear in America is the most paparazzi photographers, you would say Los Angeles.”

Ms Rulli replied: “I think it is interesting where they chose to move because Los Angeles clearly has the most paparazzi.

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“Every A-list celebrity is walking by, so you have paparazzi on every corner looking for these celebrities.

“It is such a culture there trying to get that photo.

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“Harry and Meghan chose where they are staying an hour to two hours drive to LA so they did get away a little bit.

“The area where they are it does not really feel like a city it has a beautiful coastline.”

The royal expert told Sky News: “They are going to be focussing on a wide range of programmes but in essence they are going to be focussing on the charities and the issues that really matter to them.

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“Certainly, in the past Harry has spoken very widely about how often he was frustrated that there was too much focus on his personal life opposed to the charity organisations he really wanted to bring the focus on to.

“There are already several projects which are already in development, that includes a nature documentary series and also an animated series that celebrates inspiring women.

“I also understand that it does not mean that the Duchess does not want to return to acting.”


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