Prince Harry SAVAGED for having 16 baths after latest environmental speech backfired | Royal | News (Reports)


The Good Morning Britain presenter criticised the Duke of Sussex for reportedly having 16 bathrooms in his Montecito mansion. He told him to “practice what you preach” after Harry urged members of the public to be “like raindrops” in order to “relieve the parched ground” during the launch of a new streaming platform for environmental programs.

The presenter said he calculated how many drops of water were in each of Prince Harry’s bathrooms.

In his rant on Good Morning Britain, Mr Morgan also accused Harry of being “someone who used private planes like taxis”.

He said: “Somebody who is briefed properly is Prince Harry. I think we know where the briefings come from.

“He was back doing one of his hostage videos yesterday, telling us all that we should all be like a raindrop.

“Every one of us, ‘what if every single one of us was a raindrop’, he announced.

“This is to cure the world of global warming, obviously, from his Californian mansion, which coincidentally, talking of raindrops, has 16 bathrooms.

“Apparently each bath, I just calculated this, each bath uses 4.5million drops of water. Their 16 bathrooms, if they’re used every day, would use 72million drops of water a day.

“So when Prince Harry says what if every single one of us was a raindrop, well you’re currently using 72million drops of water every day. What about taking some of that and putting that on, what does he call it, the parched ground?”

He said: “Stop using private planes, private planes are one of the biggest guzzlers of the carbon footprint imaginable.

“They use them like taxis, stop using private planes. Actually be the raindrop you want to be. Seriously, be a raindrop yourself.

“Shut down some of the baths. Stop using the private planes. What you’ve got to do mate, you’ve got to practice what you preach. It’s no good preaching to people. I want him to practice what he preaches.”

Mr Morgan has previously addressed the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex’s efforts to fight climate change.

Commenting on the couple’s £112 million Netflix deal, Mr Morgan suggested he was not interested in their upcoming “woke” documentaries.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “I am looking forward to all their woke documentaries with the kind of enthusiasm I look forward to having root canal surgery at the dentist.”

Mr Morgan has been accused of being “obsessed” with the Duchess of Sussex due to the number of times he hits out at her on his program.

He admitted in a tell-all book that even his son questioned why he “cared so much” about the Sussexes.


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