Prince Harry’s Royal Family exit to be ‘blueprint’ for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis | Royal | News (Reports)


Royal commentator Katie Nicholl reflected on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to have a more private life outside of their senior Royal Family duties. While speaking on Channel 5’s ‘Secrets of Royal Palace’ Ms Nicholl noted Prince Harry’s departure could act as a blueprint for other young royals like Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte. This would be of particular significance to the children of Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge due to their place in the line of succession.

Ms Nicholl said: “This was Prince Harry relinquishing his title, military appointments, quitting the Royal Family for an independent life.

“In many ways, Prince Harry was setting a precedent for the next generation of royals.

“If this works it may well be a blueprint for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and other royal children down the line of succession.”

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward also highlighted how groundbreaking it was for Prince Harry and Meghan to opt-out of their Royal Family roles.

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Ms Seward said: “Prince Harry said we want to move to North America but we want to keep all our charities, patronages and everything going here.

“The Queen’s senior advisers said you can’t have one foot in the Royal Family and one foot out.

“That is not going to work, you have to decide.

“So with some regret, Harry said, okay, we will go then.”

“This is while they are not actually undertaking any royal duties.”

“I imagine the Palace would be concerned if there appeared to be any political partisanship that they undertook.

“They would be concerned if, in any way, they appear to be exploiting the royal connection for purely personal gain.”


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