Prince Philip ‘exasperated’ by Royal Family chaos ‘Why can’t you control your family?’ | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duke of Edinburgh is believed to have become increasingly concerned about the impact the very public Royal marriage problems of their children were having on the Queen, with the Monarch coming under fire at the time in the press for ‘not controlling her family’. Now Royal expert Dickie Arbiter has told producers of the Channel 5 documentary  Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh: A King Without A Crown how Prince Phillip reacted to the growing chaos within the Royal family.

Mr Arbiter told the programme: “He was exasperated that all these things were going on within the family,

“None of which was the fault of the Queen or Prince Phillip,

“But was having repercussion on the Queen and the media were saying why can’t you control your family.

“Well if your son is 40 something, you don’t tell a 40-year-old how to behave.”

“You hope they are going to be able to do it themselves,” he adds.

Princess Anne’s first marriage to fellow equestrian Mark Phillips ended after 16 years. The couple divorced in 1992, amid allegations that tensions had started to rise behind closed doors and claims that they were both being unfaithful.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles’ continuing romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles, now Duchess of Cornwall, would lead to the eventual breakdown of his and Princess Diana’s marriage.

Mr Arbiter comments come as Prince Phillip is spending his tenth day in London’s King Edward VII hospital.

Ms Rulli told listeners: “99 is quite a good age, we should all hope to live such a long and full life.

“Even still, you think of the people that still love him.

“I always think of the spouse especially.So right now, how is the Queen doing?”

She continued: “Her husband of decades is in the hospital. To have your life partner potentially not doing well is hard.”


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