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Queen Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom from 1837 until 1901. Victoria was married to Prince Albert, and together the couple had nine children together. Many of Victoria and Albert’s children and grandchildren went on to marry members of monarchies across Europe, and in the last years of her life Victoria was nicknamed the “Grandmother of Europe”.

How is Prince Philip related to Queen Victoria?

Through his maternal lineage, Prince Philip is actually a great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria’s daughter was Princess Alice, who married Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine.

The couple’s daughter was Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, and she married Prince Louis of Battenberg.

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Victoria and Louis’ eldest daughter was Princess Alice of Battenberg, and she was actually born in the presence of Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle.

Princess Alice went on to marry Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark.

The couple’s only son and fifth child was Prince Philip, who was born a Prince of Greece and Denmark and would later marry the future Queen Elizabeth II.

When anti-monarchical sentiment grew in Greece, the family fled and Philip spent time in various countries including England.

As they are both relations of Queen Victoria, the Queen and Prince Philip are third cousins.

But the Queen and Prince Philip are also second cousins, once removed, through King Christian IX of Denmark.

Prince Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, was the son of King George I of Greece, whose father was Christian IX of Denmark.

Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather King George V was the son of Alexandra of Denmark, and Alexandra’s father was Christian IX.


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