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The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly enjoys scrambled eggs, smoked haddock and omelettes with a helping of bacon, alongside a traditional English breakfast. His interest in sport is also described as a huge advantage – as it helps to focus the mind when an aging body is no longer able to participate.

Philip is due to become a centenarian on June 10, making him the only male royal in history to reach the milestone. He is also the third oldest royal family member ever.

The event is days apart from wife Queen Elizabeth II’s official 95th birthday celebration.

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Royal doctor Anna Hemming told Hello! magazine: “Keeping active both physically and mentally play a very important role in maintaining a healthy and ongoing quality of life.

“Sport has its benefits in keeping both your body and mind active. When the time comes to retire from sport the interest in sporting activities helps to stimulate your mind.”

According to international horse-riding federation FEI, Prince Philip has been a “keen sportsman throughout his life” and has taken part in cricket, hockey, and rowing.

He also had a career in polo which ran for around two decades before he stopped playing in 1971.

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It is said to include foods such as eggs, smoked haddock and omelette, all of which are packed with protein.

The former palace doctor told Hello!: “Like all other people who lead a fit healthy life and enjoy a balanced intake of healthy food, they are more likely to enjoy a more healthy quality of life in their later years.”

Dr Hemming added another factor is Prince Philip’s laid-back lifestyle and recent retirement, which allowed him to “live a more relaxed daily life”.

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The Duke officially stepped back from his royal duties in the summer of 2017, and since then has generally kept to himself.

It is unclear how exactly the Duke’s 100th birthday will be celebrated this year, though it has been speculated even Prince Harry could return to the UK for the occasion.

However, a palace aide recently described Prince Philip as a “reluctant celebrant” of the upcoming occasion.

They told the Telegraph: “You can’t do something if someone doesn’t want something doing.”


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