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Camilla has been a part of the Royal Family for 16 years after marrying Prince Charles and when the Queen steps down will become the Queen Consort. The Duchess of Cornwall, 73, has become increasingly popular in recent years due to her different charity work and serving as a patron for almost 100 of the organisations. However, a body language expert alleged that there may be tensions between her and Prince William and Prince Harry after analysing a photograph from her wedding to Prince Charles.

The photograph in question shows Charles and Camilla beaming at the camera following their nuptials, alongside the couple’s children – the two princes and Tom and Laura Parker Bowles.

While the family appears to be all smiles in wedding snaps, body language expert Blanca Cobb suggests that there might be more going on behind the scenes.

She studied the expressions, stances and composure of the Queen’s grandsons in a bid to understand more about the dynamics within the Royal Family.

According to the body language expert, Prince Harry was staring slightly right of the camera because he could have felt “uneasy about the situation”.


Prince William and Harry’s body language in a photograph may reveal a rift with Camilla it’s claimed (Image: GETTY)


Prince William was said to look ‘anxious’ and Prince Harry ‘uneasy’ at Charles and Camilla’s wedding (Image: GETTY)

Ms Cobb said: “It seems odd that he wouldn’t be giving it his complete attention. 

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“Maybe something grabbed his attention or maybe he just wasn’t into it and was just going through the motions.”

She claimed that his feelings were reflected in his “posed smile” but added that there wasn’t any tension shown in the way he held his hands. 

Ms Cobb said: “He’s either feeling confident or giving the impression that he’s doing okay or another possibility, it could be a way to brace himself.”

She referred to the way Prince Harry stood, with his feet widely apart as if weathering himself for a storm, which she claimed showed he wasn’t “feeling completely grounded”.

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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles got married in 2005 after they had a well-publicised affair (Image: GETTY)

Controversially, Ms Cobb claimed that it could mean “he was not completely over the death of his mother” and might not have been comfortable with his father’s marriage in 2005. 

Ms Cobb surmised that he was “feeling totally confident” in the photograph and that something was “definitely weighing on his mind”.

Meanwhile, Prince William’s body language suggested that he was “feeling a little nervous or some anxiety” according to the body language professional.

Ms Cobb pointed out that his smile was “stiff” and “plastered” but his fingers were curled, which could have revealed his true feelings about the situation. 

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But she also suggested that Prince William showed “mutual support” for both his brother and Prince Charles in the two separate photographs – based on his head being tilted towards them.

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After Ms Cobb also cast her analysis of Camilla’s children, Tom and Laura, during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine last year.

She noted that Laura was “the only one who is turned in almost completely to the married couple”, which allegedly showed her happiness with the situation.

Ms Cobb claimed that this meant she “really feels like she’s part of the group there – part of the family”.

Tom was also believed to have been delighted by the day too, as shown by his cheek muscles, which were “pulled up to his eyes”.

While Ms Cobb expressed her concerns about the situation, she concluded that the children of Charles and Camilla were supportive of the marriage. 


Princess Diana died in 1997 after a car crash in Paris, France (Image: GETTY)


Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ romantic timeline revealed (Image: EXPRESS)

She felt that they all showed “signs of nervousness” but were “all there to support each other”.

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Earlier this week, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams warned that Charles and Camilla may “face a series of problems” due to the public’s perception of Princess Diana.

Charles’ relationship with the late princess – who tragically died in a car crash in 1997 – and his affair with Camilla has recently resurfaced in the TV show The Crown. 

While Peter Morgan’s Netflix drama is not a documentary, some viewers will likely interpret the show as fact rather than an adaptation of true events.

Mr Fitzwilliams explained that Prince Charles will “ascend to the throne better prepared than any of his predecessors” but warned that events related to Princess Diana could cause trouble.


A royal expert claimed that Prince Charles and Camilla could face ‘problems’ due to The Crown (Image: GETTY)

He told “It is however true that Charles and Camilla face a problem as a series of events over the coming months will ensure that Diana features prominently in the news.

“There is the inquiry into how her interview with Panorama was obtained and the unveiling of her statue in the Sunken Garden, Kensington Palace.

“Also 25 years after her death next year when the next season of The Crown, which will feature events which marked the disintegration of her marriage, is also expected to be released.

“Also there will be a new film, Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as Diana.”


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