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Robert Lacy, author of ‘Battle of Brothers’, recently released his book detailing William and Harry’s row, and has now claimed the Duke of Cambridge should speak out about his side of the row. It comes after Harry and Meghan Markle have made a series of virtual appearances to speak on social media and coronavirus. William was also said to be filled with “rage” at his mother Princess Diana for her tell-all BBC interview in 1995.

Mr Lacy told Newsweek about his belief the Duke of Cambridge should speak out about his relationship with Harry.

He said: “It looks to me that the machine is moving forward, it’s promoting William and Kate as the face of their royal generation to the exclusion of Harry.

“Whereas Harry, in talking about the split to Tom Bradby, said we’re on different paths at the moment but I’ll always be there for him and he’ll always be there for me, there’s been no statement from William addressing what’s happened.

“I think he should address it publicly.”

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Prince William news: Prince Harry and Prince William at the Sussexes wedding in 2018

Prince William news: The Duke of Cambridge has been urged to speak out on his feud with Harry (Image: PA)

The royal author was referring to Harry’s interview with ITV last year, where he alluded to tensions between Prince William and himself.

He told Tom Bradbury: “Part of this role and part of this job and this family being under the pressure that it’s under… inevitably, you know, stuff happens.

“But, look, we’re brothers. We’ll always be brothers.

“We’re certainly on different paths at the moment but I will always be there for him and, as I know, he will always be there for me.”

Prince William news: The Sussex and Cambridge royals at Commonwealth Day 2020

Prince William news: The author also claimed Meghan’s relationship with royal advisers is an issue for the brothers (Image: PA)

Prince William news: Sussex and Cambridge royals at Christmas 2019

Prince William news: William and Harry also had their ‘big break’ over Meghan (Image: PA)

Mr Lacy also claimed Meghan Markle’s experience as a royal is a major point of contention between the brothers moving past their feud, and it needs to be resolved by March for the Sussexes review of their new working relationship.

He said to Newsweek: “Meghan’s style, the way she swept into the palace, the way she brought her own American advisers with her, rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.

“So there was that personal animus in those negotiations and I fear there remains to this day an obstacle to reconciliation.

“The palace establishment, the courtier establishment, remains reluctant to adapt or bend in any way to accommodate what Harry and Meghan stand for or want to pursue. I no longer rate highly the chances of reconciliation.”


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The author’s book delved deep into William’s issue with Meghan and Harry’s relationship, and he also claimed the Duchess “provoked the big break” between the brothers.

Mr Lacy said to ET Online: “I would say that there were stresses and strains there before and then with the advent of Meghan, that was what provoked the really big break.

“William, from all the turmoil of their childhood, took strength from the idea of his duty and what lay ahead for him as king … Harry caught onto the importance of love.

“So, when he found Meghan, he went for that, and when William said to him, ‘Look, perhaps you should slow down a bit,’ Harry exploded.”

Prince William news: William and Kate's romance timeline

Prince William news: A timeline of William and Kate’s relationship (Image: EXPRESS)

It comes after the Amazon Prime documentary ‘William and Harry: Brothers in Arms’, which revealed Prince William’s anger at his mother’s BBC interview with Martin Bashir.

Katie Nicholl, royal expert, said in the documentary: “William was exposed to everything from the interview and called his mother in a fury and a rage.”

Ms Nicholl also claimed Princess Diana’s friend Simone Simmons told her: “It was the one time William turned on his mother and said that he would never forgive Diana for what she’d done.”

The author also wrote in her book ‘William and Harry’: “He simply could not believe that his mother had invited the television cameras into the home he had grown up in and loved, to betray his father and their family in such a public way.”


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