Prince William news: Duke of Cambridge ‘robbed of childhood’ by Royal Family burden -VIDEO | Royal | News (Reports)


Royal author and historian Robert Lacey told the Royally Obsessed podcast the Duke of Cambridge felt he was “told his destiny too casually”. He added that Prince William has looked to shield his eldest son Prince George from learning at a young age that he will also become King one day.  

Mr Lacey said: “Interestingly we understand that, perhaps to the present day, Prince William does not want his elder son, George, to know about his future destiny.

“William felt that he was told his destiny too casually, it was just assumed.

“He was thrown into it without any preparation.

“It robbed him, in a way, of his childhood.”

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Mr Lacey also discussed the impact on the childhood of siblings to heir of the throne.

He said: “There is in Britain the tradition of the heir and the spare.

“To start with in life they are co-stars.

“Those of you that are older will remember the little princesses Margaret and Elizabeth playing together.

The royal historian added that these designated roles may have had an impact on the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry. 

He claimed: “Once Harry was misbehaving in the back of a car and his nanny told him to shape up.

“Harry responded by saying he didn’t need to shape up because he would not be king.”

Mr Lacey continued: “By their teens, Harry is coming to resent this typecasting.

“The fact that Prince William is the king of the castle, while Harry is seen as a dirty rascal, that he gets the blame for everything.”


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