Princess Diana believed Camilla saw her as a ‘threat’ at first meeting – ‘We had lunch’ | Royal | News (Reports)


Journalist Andrew Morton claims Diana confided in him about her relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall in 1991. At the time, Mr Morton was preparing to write his book Diana: Her True Story’, which was revised in 2017. Diana was 19 when she got engaged to Prince Charles in 1981.

Camilla was 33 and married to Andrew-Parker Bowles. Charles was 32.

In the revised version, Mr Morton quotes Diana as telling him that Camilla saw her as a “threat” from the very start of their acquaintance.

She recalled an awkward lunch with Camilla after news of her engagement to the Prince of Wales was announced.

Diana is said to have revealed: “[I met her] very early on. I was introduced to the circle, but I was a threat. I was a very young girl but I was a threat

“So we had lunch. Very tricky indeed. She said: ‘You are not going to hunt are you?'”

She said: ‘Horse. You are not going to hunt when you go and live at Highgrove are you?’ I said: ‘No.’ She said: ‘I just wanted to know,’ and I thought as far as she was concerned that was her communication route.

“Still too immature to understand all the messages coming my way.”

Camilla and Charles were known to enjoy hunting together, so the implication appears to be that Camilla would be able to see the Prince of Wales without Diana being around during the hunts.

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Princess Diana famously told the BBC journalist Martin Bashir that “there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

In the same interview she confided that she became aware that Charles and Camilla had rekindled their affair in 1986.

But she said she “wasn’t in a position to do anything about it.”

She also admitted that it was “pretty devastating” to be married to a man who was in love with someone else.


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