Princess Diana pregnancy: Royal struggled with ‘difficult’ illness when expecting Harry | Royal | News (Reports)


Princess Diana gave birth to Prince Harry after nine hours in labour on September 15, 1984, almost two years after Prince William who was born in 1982. But royal commentators Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie have revealed how Diana had a “difficult” pregnancy with Harry. Like Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, she suffered from non-stop morning sickness.

Speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, Ms Bowie said: “William was only two when Harry arrived.

“Diana was in labour for nine hours with Charles by her side the whole time and Harry arrived at 4.20pm that day.

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“He weighed just 6lbs 14oz. and Charles immediately phoned the Queen who was still at Balmoral finishing off her summer holiday.

“The formula is endearing, to wonder how long the protocol has been going on for.

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“Charles also updated the crowd saying that his new son of blue eyes and hair on an indeterminate colour which means we now know is ginger.

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“He also added, ‘we have nearly got a full polo team now’.

“Diana had a difficult pregnancy with Harry which we’re aware of with non-stop morning sickness but Charles did report her delivery went smoothly and much quicker than William’s.”

The revelation comes as royal experts have detailed that Diana shares an “eerie” parallel with her youngest son, Harry.

“I think what Diana experienced at the hands of the press was just unheard of.”

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Ms Bowie said: “The way in which he said, ‘she’s only done good things and she’s only been criticised’ and I think that rings true to what Harry has said about Meghan as well.”

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe has previously said he hopes the couple will recognise what went wrong in her strategy.

He noted Diana tragically only had Mohamed al-Fayed’s security team when she died.


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